Open Cup Entry Form

Mass Youth Soccer’s Open Cup is open to any U12(8v8)-U18 team playing in a league that is based in, or that has games played in, the state of Massachusetts.  The teams may be registered with any USSF affiliated leagues/associations/organizations (i.e. USYS, US Club Soccer, AYSO, Super Y, etc.) that are in good standing with their league and the USSF.  The team entry fee for Open Cup 2015 is $250.

All teams will be placed in brackets using a double blind draw process. The bracket will be selected first and then teams filling the brackets will be selected.  Two teams from the same club will not be placed in the same bracket unless the number of teams from a single club exceeds the number of brackets available in one gender/ age group. This competition is a single elimination tournament.  

A minimum of four teams must be entered in an age/gender group in order for competition to be held.  If less than four teams are entered, there will not be any play in this age/gender group.

All matches prior to the Round of 16 (Quarter Finals) will be self-scheduled between the two teams. The Tournament-scheduled Round of 16* (Quarter Finals) will be played the weekend of May 16th and 17th.  No Open Cup team will be required to play both days.  The Semi-Final and Final games will be played on May 30th and 31st. Teams will be responsible for half the referees’ fees for all games prior to the Semi-Finals.

*Please note: Some Round of 16 matches may be scheduled during the two weeks prior to the weekend of May 16th and 17th.

Mass Youth Open Cup is considered a pre-qualifier tournament for the State Cup tournament for the following soccer year.  State Cup is a qualifying tournament for USYS National Cup tournament for the current soccer year.  

Teams may NOT participate in both Open Cup and State Cup. If an Open Cup team is eliminated prior to the Round of 16, player(s) may be placed on a State Cup roster, providing the State Cup roster is not frozen.

The winners of the Open Cup will be granted an automatic spot in the following year’s State Cup tournament.  Below are the steps that will be used to make sure the winning team meets the qualifications for State Cup play the following year.
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