E and D License Courses

  Additional fees may apply as some organizations may need to cover overhead such as the rental fee for the course facility.  After registering for the course, please email the site coordinator for the specific location of the course in which you enrolled to determine if any additional fees are due.  ***The site coordinator will also provide directions to the course location.  Please come dressed as a coach, bring a soccer ball, water bottle, notebook and pen.  All coaches attending license courses MUST be registered members of Massachusetts Youth Soccer.
D Course materials will be sent to all course candidates 2 weeks prior to the course start date.     

All candidates registering for the E License must complete the Pre-Course assignments on the USSF E license website (Laws of the Game, Team Management, Risk Management + Concussion, Prevention and Care) in addition to completing the Healthy Kids Out of School Nutrition Module. Where required, please bring a printed certificate with your full name to certify your completion of pore-course assignments. 

Coaching Course Registration for E and D License Courses

You have been directed to this page because you have chosen to take the D Course, please pay your fee.
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