Sanctioned Camp Application

Are you operating a soccer camp? You can apply to become a camp that is officially sanctioned by Massachusetts Youth Soccer. As an affiliated member of Massachusetts Youth Soccer you now can make your soccer camp a sanctioned camp.  Becoming a Massachusetts Youth Soccer sanctioned camp carries with it certain benefits.

     All campers and adults working at the camp become registered members of Massachusetts Youth Soccer.
     Your camp will be posted on the Massachusetts Youth Soccer website.
     You will receive discounted advertising rates at the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Fields at Progin Park in Lancaster, MA.
     All of the adults working on our camp will be submitted for a criminal background check (CORI).
     As members of Massachusetts Youth Soccer all duly registered coaches and players at the camp will be covered by our Excess Medical Benefits Insurance Coverage.
     Your camp will be eligible for member discount rates on t-shirts through our partnership with NEPA/Blue Heron of Leominster and on camp bag tags from our partners at Skillzys, Inc.

The Application Fee to become a Sanctioned Massachusetts Youth Soccer Camp is $2.50 per camper for day camps and $3.00 per camper for residential (overnight) camps.

There is a minimum Application Fee of $250.00 for a day camp and of $300.00 for a residential (overnight) camp.
A separate Application must be submitted for each separate soccer camp regardless of whether they are operated under the same name or at the same location or on the same dates. A camp is considered a single event of a 1 to 5 day duration held at a single location with the same group of players.
Organization must be Affiliated with Mass Youth Soccer
Applicant must be an Affiliated Member of Mass Youth Soccer
* Indicates Response Required