US Youth Soccer Massachusetts State Cup Entry Form


The State Cup will be limited to U12 (8v8) through U-19 teams. The U12 (8v8), U13 and U14 divisions will each be limited to 16 teams. The U15 through U19 divisions will each be limited to a maximum 12 teams.  Teams from U12 (8v8) to U18 that are not selected to participate in the State Cup will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Massachusetts Open Cup. All teams accepted into the State Cup will be seeded by a 3-person Seeding Committee and the State Cup Director.

For the U12 (8v8) through U19 divisions all competition shall be in a round robin format. Each age division will play the appropriate number of games in its bracket based on the number of teams in that bracket. Winners of each bracket, based on total points, will advance to the semi-final round of competition. No more than four (4) teams will advance to the semi-final round from each age division. For the U15 through U19 divisions, the second place bracket finisher with the highest point total will advance to the semi-final round with the other three bracket winners.

The team entry fee for State Cup 2016 for U12 (8v8, U13 and U14 teams is $800.00.

The team entry fee for State Cup 2016 for U15 and older teams is $850.00.

By submitting this application, this team and all members thereof agree to abide by, be bound by, and adhere to all applicable rules and regulations of US Youth Soccer, National Championship Policies, Region 1 Rules and Procedures, Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association Constitution, By-Laws and Policies, and the Rules and Regulations of the Massachusetts State Cup.

In order to enter, your team must compete in a state-approved qualifying league and comply with all requirements of Section 1.07 of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and Programs (except for the U19s).

You must fill in this form completely.  Any attempts to submit the form without providing the necessary information will be ignored (e.g. entering 000-000-0000 as a phone number).  If we receive entry forms with missing, incomplete and/or incorrect information your entry fee will be refunded and your team will not be entered in State Cup.


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Credit Card Holder must fill out all information below even if it duplicates information submitted above.
In order for any of the Team Performance information and records supplied below to be considered in your application to Enter the State Cup, the Team will need to have maintained fifty-one (51%) percent or more consistency in its roster during this period of time. In addition to completing this Entry Form, a Team desiring to have its Team Performance considered must also submit a Continuity of Roster Form at the same time this Entry Form is submitted.
Team's Performance Last Year's State Cup
Team's League Performance Last Year
Team's Region 1 Performance 2015 (if applicable)
Team's Performance Last Year's Open Cup
Additional Information (i.e. notable results from the 2015-16 season)
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