Host a Course - Coaching Course Request Form

***Please note the minimum number of registered coaches needed to run each course.***

Course requests should be done at a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the course date to maximize registration.   If your request is outside of the 4 weeks, please contact Tamie Endow – Technical Department Manager prior to scheduling.   978-466-8812 x235 


Facility Location and equipment for course:
1. An individual must be available during the time of the course in case of emergencies.
2. A classroom or theater for lectures. Must have a chalkboard of whiteboard.
3. A full size gym. This is MANDATORY, year round in case of rain. Minimum dimensions of gym space required is 28 x 35 yds for all courses.
4. Accessibility to women's and men's bathrooms.
5. In warm weather months, a field.
You are responsible for signing up course attendees, ensuring that attendees are from fully affiliated clubs, will collect the money for the courses. It is also necessary to have someone at the course at all times in case of emergencies. When all the information on this form is completed, send it to the Mass Youth Soccer office and you will then receive a confirmation of the course.
* Indicates Response Required