2017 DE State Cup Registration

Please note that the completion of these forms is extremely important and you should take your time to ensure the information provided is accurate. If needed, please type N/A if something is not applicaple.
Club Information
Please read the below carefully

I understand that should the team be declared DE State Champion, the team must represent DE in the regional and national tournaments. Failure to do so will result in fines and any expenses already incurred by DYSA to be reimbursed to DYSA by the team.
I also understand the following:

1.     Entry Fee: $630.00 per team (This does not include referee fees)

2.     Copy of roster

3.     Separate check for a bond

  -- $250.00 per team
  -- $1000.00 if club sends all confirmations and fees in one envelope
  -- All independent teams will need to post a bond of $2000.00 in order to participate in DYSA State Cup beginning with the  2012 Cup series.  All bonds must be guaranteed funds.  (Money orders or cashier checks will only be accepted and it will be deposited)

  4. One (1) self-addressed stamped #10 envelope for bond refund

Mail above documents to:  

222 Benjamin Blvd
Bear, DE 19701

Please note: We are not accepting credit cards this year. The application process will close March 1, 2017. 
* Indicates Response Required