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May 2-3, 2020 - Target United Cup - Recreational and Academy

May 15-16, 2020 - Presidents & State Cup Prelims (11U-16U)

May 22-24, 2020 - President's & State Cup Semis/Finals (11U-19U)

Oct 10-11, 2020 -  Tournament of Champions - State Rec and Academy Championships

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Additional pages may be used and all information must be submitted 180 days (six months) before the first day of the tournament.

Any questions or requests for further information, contact Pauletta Price at the OSA OKC office at 405-286-0488.


Duties expected of Host Club:
1. Host club will invoice Oklahoma Soccer Association within 60 days of completion of the tournament or forfeit field cost reimbursement.
2. Put up nets and corner flags and mark the fields before each day's games.
3. Provide sufficient volunteers to act as field marshals and assist in team check-in.
4. Provide labor for consessions and receive all benefits of concession sales.
5. Provide complimentary drinks for Tournament Referees.
6. Games are to be canceled or postponed by OSA officials only in consulatation with club officials.
7. Provide cover for team check in and for referees.
8. Any reimbursement fees need prior approval by OSA Tournament Director.


Duties expected of OSA:
1. Will pay a standard fee per day per field used - three game minimum: 6U-10U $50; 11U-12U $75; 13U-19U $100.
2. Schedule tournament games.
3. Provide game officials.
4. Select vendors for T-shirts, novelties and other tournament sales (other than concessions). Proceeds from these
sales will not be shared with host club.
5. Supervise team check in and have sole authority for the management of the tournament.

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