Referee Report of Misconduct

Please fill out the form in its entirety.
* Indicates Response Required

Use this form only for youth games. 

Piedmont Conference/National League misconduct should be NOT be reported on this site.

All information needed to complete this form can be found on the game day lineup sheet from the game. 

Only Red Cards and items listed in "Other Misconduct/Injury" should be submitted on this form.  

On this page, only report a player or coach who has been sent off or dismissed and shown a red card for one of the reasons listed.

To report an injury, irresponsible behavior by a coach, a spectator problem, or some other game problem, choose "Other" in the "Sent off for" section before selecting the item on the next screen.  

An individual report must be submitted for each item or person involved.

Cautions are recorded on the game cards and entered into the scheduling/scoring system by each team.
* Indicates Response Required
Please contact Anne Wright for support.