2018 Readers' Choice New Product of the Year

The Top 10 New Products From 2018

To recognize innovation that impacts ag retail, AgPro has named a New Product of the Year Award for 12 years. Here are the 10 finalists for 2018.

To qualify, each product had to be available for stocking or pre-order sales for the 2018 season and be specifically focused for use or sale by AgPro readers—retailers, agronomists and crop consultants. Products can range from inputs, machinery, technology or other categories that directly impact AgPro readers.

AgPro staff do not solicit entries for the contest; instead, they review the year’s announcements. In the process, the staff rely on manufacturers to be truthful regarding product attributes and marketing intentions outlined in their informational materials.

Read about each of the 10 finalists, and then, cast your vote for the 2018 New Product of the Year.

The deadline to vote is Jan. 1, 2019.

The winner will be announced in the February issue of AgPro and all AgPro digital communications.

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